Welcome toFriends & Family Home Care Services

img-homeThank you for entrusting the people you love to Friends & Family Home Care Services. Our home care agency has designed services which are personalized to the unique needs of patients from all age groups and with varying health conditions. From experience, we found that it takes more than competence to be effective in our profession. In fact, it takes more than training and the precision of administering care – the most important thing in home care is compassion.

Our approach in responding to the varying needs of patients is to first understand them. We get to know each patient, and we discuss their individual care preferences and the lifestyle they wish to preserve. Our experienced team will consult with each patient’s physician to ensure that the patient’s home care needs are met. The goal is to improve quality of life at home so that our patients may choose staying at home over being confined in a nursing home or in a hospital room. Let’s work together for your continuity of care!